Two Months After Meeting, Jess & Dom From Love Island Are Engaged

Two Months After Meeting, Jess & Dom From Love Island Are Engaged

Love is in the air! Or at least what passes as an approximate facsimile of love between two people craving fame and are exploiting their relationship for public attention. That's right, Jess & Dom, two of the sentient sex dolls that had featured on the most recent series of Love Island, have announced their engagement.

Typically, as all loving couple's do, they announced their monogamous commitment to one another through OK! Magazine. Despite having only met on the show, some two months ago, Jessica Shears and Dom Lever both say they're both ready to put a ring on it and knuckle down for some wed-lock.

Jess described the moment that Dom proposed in an interview with OK! Magazine:

"It happened the night before the TV Choice Awards. We were staying in a lovely apartment in London.

"Dom filled it with flowers and had got us a bottle of champagne. I was doing a SnapChat video saying how lucky I felt when he called me out onto the terrace. I was grinning like a Cheshire Cat when Dom got down on one knee - he said afterwards that he had never seen me smile like that!"

In the same interview Dom admitted that he was aware the couple may come under some criticism for getting engaged so soon after meeting. He admitted, in a description of the Villa that made himself sound like a haggard Vietnam veteran, that he would've thought it crazy before he went on the show to propose to someone so soon after meeting them. However he stressed that during their time in the Villa his feelings for Jess were 'truly cemented' and that he knew within a week of returning to the UK that he wanted to marry her.

Now, to turn to Twitter to see how the world at large are reacting to this seismic news, move over North Korea, there's a C-List celebrity engagement on the horizon!


Some are just as confused as ever about the whole fiasco that is the show.

They have yet to begin properly planning their wedding, though they are thinking about "The south of France or somewhere in Greece like Santorini," according to Jess.

This gives people plenty of time to rearrange their travel plans to avoid these places like the plague when a date has been set.

H/T: Mirror.co.uk

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