Justin Bieber Wants To Fight Tom Cruise

Justin Bieber Wants To Fight Tom Cruise

At some point today, Tom Cruise's agent will call him and tell him that Justin Bieber has called him out for a UFC fight. That will be an actual conversation that will happen in real life.  The 25 year old singer called out Cruise in a tweet last night, even asking UFC chief Dana White would he put the fight on.

The question is, if the ridiculous came true and this fight happened, how would it go down? Let's take a look at the stats.


Age: 25

Height: 5'9"


Weight: 145lbs/66kg

Estimated Reach: 68"


Age: 56

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 148lbs/68kg


Estimated Reach: 65"

The two are reasonably well-matched stats wise, bar the 31 year age gap. Don't count that against Cruise though, the guy is rock solid, even though he is nearly 60. This is a guy who hangs out of planes, climbs the Burj Khalifa, and jumps off buildings for fun. It doesn't always work out, but you can't fault him for the lengths he goes to for stunts. He's clearly a great physical specimen, and given his work ethic in getting ready for his own stunts, you could be sure he would train like hell before getting into the octagon

Bieber on the other hand has no such experience. He has youth on his side, and a height and reach advantage but other than that the Canadian hasn't much going for him. McGregor is interested at least


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Joe O'Gorman

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