Kourtney & Scott send Snapchat on FIYAAAAAH!

Are they aren't they? Will they won't they- WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOD ARE THEY AT?? These are the questions on all of our lips when it comes to this pair. Kourtney, 36, took to Snapchat on Monday- sharing two videos of herself and Scott together, looking VERY close. In the first video Kourtney says; “Look who it is, baby daddy Disick at the studio. I run into him today" 


She then posted a second clip where she appears to be sitting beside Scott. She looks fabulous as always, ultra glam with glossy hair and immaculate make up. She seems to say "We're back mates" to the camera. Then Scott AKA Baby Daddy Disick, 32 , says “Hey, so we wanted you guys to hear it first … we are getting back together,” to the camera before giving Kourt a quick kiss on the cheek. Kourtney appears to squeal "NO!" However, the flirting is blatantly obvious and one can sense there's some serious sexuelllle tensionnn present between the couple.

Things reach a crescendo in the THIRD video when Scott jokingly gets Kourtney in a headlock and rattles an ice filled cup in her face (I dont know either but she finds it funny?) He then reaches around and squeezes her boob. She looks delighted with this turn of events and seems to be absolutely revelling in the whole thing.


Hate to say now, but it's ALL a bit cute. Take a look for yourself and see what you think- are they merely having a lol or back in a rel?!!



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Credit: ClevverNews 


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