Last Night's Love Island: Loyalty Has Died And Dr Alex Becomes A Dirty Dog

Last Night's Love Island: Loyalty Has Died And Dr Alex Becomes A Dirty Dog

We thought the Love Island drama had reached its peak following the shock split of Sam and Georgia on Monday night's episode, but perhaps not. The aftermath of their decision has shaken up the entire villa leading to trouble in paradise for certain couples, and following the arrival of the new islanders, Georgia isn't the only one whose loyalty is being tested...

Sam and Georgia seemed to be committed to staying together and getting through this "test" at the start of the episode as we saw Georgia cuddling with Sam on the sofa as soon as she got out of the bed they once shared in the morning. But as the Islanders constantly remind us, a lot can change in a day, and it certainly has for these two. Georgia seems to be laying it on "factor fifty thick" with New Josh, and while Sam doesn't seem quite as eager as Georgia, he's giving it a decent shot with new Laura.

With the Love Island finale on the horizon, you would expect the islanders to understand the meaning of the word 'loyalty' as it's used so often, but apparently not. Despite Alex being happily coupled up with Alexandra for the past few days, and New Jack having gone through a rollercoaster of emotions to come as far as he has with Laura, both guys seem to have a similar understanding of the word as Georgia, so they'll keep their options open.

It's safe to say Dr. Alex hasn't had the best luck in the villa. He was in a friendship couple with Samira for two weeks, got pied by Megan, again by Ellie, and friend-zoned by Grace. Finally when Alexandra came in last week, we thought Alex had found the one. Well, we thought wrong. Despite Alexandra being the only girl to enter the villa and show an ounce of genuine interest in him, Dr. Alex is having his doubts upon arrival of new Islander and professional surfer, Laura.

We saw the pair have a casual chat by the pool at the start of the episode, and while Laura seemed to be getting to know Alex as a friend, it was quite obvious that Doctor's head had been turned by the new arrival.

In the Beach Hut, Alex said: “The new girls have come in, Laura in particular seems really nice, she’s blonde, blue eyed, she’s natural looking, she loves swimming, loves the sea, we spent a bit of time together this morning, had a chat", and going by Alex's standards, a chat about the sea is probably as intimate (if not more) as the "strong cuddling" he's had with Alexandra.

Alexandra confessed to OG Laura that Alex had been distant with her since chatting with the new Islander. Laura, however, was quick to reassure her, telling her that she had no reason to be worried and that Alex is the most trustworthy guy in the villa. Think again, Laura!


When Alexandra confronted him about his behaviour, Alex made excuses for his wandering eye, claiming: ”I just feel in general I don't want to move at a pace that's too quick", and stirred the pot even more, adding: "Someone coming in like Laura who probably is quite my type has made me realise I don't want to rush into a decision", leaving Alexandra close to tears in the beach hut.

This has shocked the nation to say the least, and fans of the reality show have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration at the once sweet and loveable Dr. Alex: “I swear Alex has been mugging the entire nation off. Acts all innocent when really he’s a little f**kboy.”

Another posting: “How is Dr Alex going from girl to girl and still not being labelled trash?”

But the Doctor is about to get a reality check because tonight's promo shows that Laura's interest is elsewhere, which leaves Alex with no other option but to intensely graft to try win Alexandra back when he is inevitably pied by Laura, otherwise he'd better get packing!

Last night saw tension between OG Laura and New Jack, as Jack too has been swayed by New Laura. Jack tried to introduce the idea of them both cracking on with new Islanders by using just about any excuse that came to mind, including their age gap (which they've been aware of since they coupled up three weeks ago), and the distance between their homes on the outside world, implying that he wanted to end things. Unfortunately for Jack, this didn't have the desired effect as Laura said she'd be happy to move to London to be with him and that the age gap wasn't a big deal for her (awkward).

At the end of the episode, Jack actually ended their relationship, tactfully bringing her to the exact same area to where Wes pied her, telling her that he just couldn't see them working outside the villa. While he didn't mention his interest in cracking on with New Laura during this chat, that's clearly his intention, given his earlier conversation with his current Laura, and the chats he had throughout the episode with Josh and Wes about what he should do. Going by the promo for tonight's episode, Jack's risky decision has paid off.

Tonight's episode is sure to be packed with drama following last night's scandal and 9pm can't come soon enough!

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