Hillary Clinton's Going To Be On The Late Late Show This Friday

Hillary Clinton's Going To Be On The Late Late Show This Friday

For only the second time in 30 years The Late Late Show went on tour last week to record an interview with surely the biggest name to appear on the show in a long time.

Ryan Tubridy and a crew from RTÉ visited former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's home in New York to interview the first female presidential nominee in U.S. history.

The interview largely focuses on the course of events that transpired last year over the course of the election cycle leading up to her shock loss to the Republican Party nominee, Donald Trump.

Ryan Tubridy said of her after the interview:

"She gave a very engaging interview about everything that happened from standing outside the inauguration of Donald Trump feeling quite sick and wanting to scream into a pillow; right back to the election night and the horror of what was happening for her, as well as reflecting on the campaign. She was very happy to talk about Ireland, Irish politics and how much the country means to her and her husband. From the moment she walked into the room there was a warmth and humour I wasn’t expecting. Indeed, there was a Hillary Clinton I wasn’t expecting. I was really pleasantly surprised and I hope people enjoy the interview.”

She talks candidly about the painful experience of losing the election to someone she believes is deeply unfit for the job he's been handed. She describes how shocking it was to attend Donald Trump's inauguration, agreeing with George W Bush's sentiments that his speech was "some weird shit".


The interview will be part of this Friday's Late Late Show, which will air on RTÉ One at 9:35pm.

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