Watch: Lewis Capaldi Shares Another Hilarious Rant While On Tour

Watch: Lewis Capaldi Shares Another Hilarious Rant While On Tour

You will know Glaswegian singer/ songwriter Lewis Capaldi for his soulful voice and powerful ballads like "Someone You Loved", the 20  year old is also the funniest person you could follow on social media right now. Lewis is currently touring and the Instagram stories he has shared with his followers are absolutely gas.

Last week he was supporting Irish band Picture This for their five-day stint in Dublin's 3Arena. During his stay in Dublin, he took to social media  to share with his followers a rant about his noisy neighbours preventing him from sleeping. In this hilarious video the very tired looking Capaldi, shares the clearly audible couple next door having sex, to which he shouts priceless comments "hey, you keep it down", "she's faking it" and "is that what it's supposed to sound like".

You can watch this brilliant Instagram story here:

This time his latest rant is directed at the bathroom facilities in a hotel in LA he is staying in. In this second rant, he shares with his followers his disgust that a hotel room that charges 5 dollars water "can't handle three wipes of an arse".

It's true his rants are on fire, you can view for yourself here:


If you haven't already, you need to follow Lewis Capaldi on Instagram today, the young Glaswegian is such a character.

Capaldi, who is currently on a world tour, is one of the biggest new artists at the moment. You can catch him perform at two Cork festivals this summer, the Irish Independent Park in Friday, June 21st and Independence Music & Arts Festival also in Cork Friday 2nd August. He will also be playing a solo gig in the Olympia, Thursday 21st November.

You can buy tickets for these events at Ticketmaster.

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