Efron Portrays A More Evil And Manipulative Side Of Bundy In Trailer

Efron Portrays A More Evil And Manipulative Side Of Bundy In Trailer

Netflix have released a second trailer for their Ted Bundy Biopic, 'Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile', a movie of Ted Bundy's life that focus' on his six year relationship with Elizabeth Kloepfer, played by Lily Collins.

Elizabeth Kloepfer was a single mother who fell for Bundy after a night out in Chigaco, 1969, and from then spent six years with him, eventually ending the relationship during his investigation. This trailer shows Kloepfer's insecurities surrounding their relationship, wondering what to believe when Bundy was so good at manipulating her, forcing her to believe it was all a lie.

The trailer opens on them in the prison visitation room, with her asking "Do you remember the night we met?", setting the tone for the trailer as they look back on their relationship along with Bundy's trial.

We then hear a description of Bundy's case in a voice over with Big Bang Theory's Jim Parson, who plays the prosecutor, saying;

'Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you have been witness to the unspeakable horrors of the defendant's heinous crimes. You have seen ghastly injuries, smashed-in faces, broken jaws...' along with mugshot photos, and a scene of Bundy flirting with victims in a library, as they're unaware of his true intentions.

We then hear the voice of Lily Collins' speaking to Ted Bundy, 'For years, I've carried this guilt that I'm to blame for everything,' she says. 'If only I hadn't trusted you.'

The trailer follows Kloepfler's anxiety over the guilt she feels, leaving us wondering if she knew more than she thought she did about her partner heinous crimes.


Collins' questions Efron, "Did you do it?" which he replies "No."

The trailer shows the two sides of Ted and how people perceived him. From him dressed up during the trial, girls calling him 'dreamy' to the darker side that leaves chills running through our bodies. Bundy was notorious for giving off a good impression, which was something he clinged to during the trial.

Many people have expressed how the latest trailer depicts a more rounded picture of Bundy, with earlier trailers being deemed too sexual by many, and the movie was blasted for "hypersexualising a serial killer". This latest trailer sees Bundy in a more transparent way and tells his story without drawing too much attention to Efron's abs.

The film will be released on May 3rd on Netflix.

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