Limerick Church Putting Limit On Holy Water Use Due To Water Shortages

Limerick Church Putting Limit On Holy Water Use Due To Water Shortages

Earlier this week, we published a flaccid parody article detailing ways that people should react to the water shortage to preserve as much of that precious H2O as possible. Well as we all know reality is stranger than fiction, life imitates art* etc. and so inevitably, it was only a matter of time before some piece of lunacy was thrown up by this parched dystopia in which we now reside that roundly trounced anything we suggested in the article.

Given the fact that Ireland's regular climate appears to have taken a prolonged leave of absence/ enrolled on some exchange programme where it swapped places with the hauntingly hot desert hellscape, everyone is concerned with minimising unnecessary water usage. Indeed, the hosepipe ban that has been in effect in Dublin since Monday has been extended nationwide.

In light of this a church in Limerick have made the drastic decision to put the souls of their parishioners on the line by putting a strict limit of one light sprinkle per person on their holy water font.


Now I'd have presumed that most people's natural inclination would be to use one sprinkle anyway. I am not too au fait with church practices anymore but I hardly imagine there are issues with people coming along and filling thermoses with the stuff to take with them?

H/T: Joe.ie

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*Whether a limply comic web-article about water usage can be termed 'art' or not is an argument for a different day.

Rory McNab

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