10 Reasons Why I Think Lizzie McGuire Was A Raging Narcissist

10 Reasons Why I Think Lizzie McGuire Was A Raging Narcissist

No, I'm not Kate Sanders...

Let me tell you about Lizzie Mc Guire, the central character of The Lizzie McGuire universe. Lizzie McGuire was a big deal for many an early noughties kid and the side characters on the show -  mainly Gordo and Miranda - were everyone's TV BFFs. Although considered an "ordinary American girl", Lizzie was actually a raging narcissist and we've found the proof to back our claims:

1. It was ALWAYS about Lizzie

Lizzie was self-centered and whined her way through school and if it wasn't for the side characters of Gordo, Miranda, Kate, and Matt were not sure the show would've been worth watching.

2. Her 'brilliant' ideas got everyone else in trouble

Does somebody need a slice of humble pie with their white privilege?


3. She was a dick to her parents

Nose ring and a ponytail - no, it's not your one from your local - it's Lizzie Mc Guire, all around douche. Number one life rule: don't disrespect the fam Liz! Her "skunk head little brother" Matt had more sense than Lizzie.

4. She constantly friend zoned Gordo who had to listen to her relationship woes on a daily basis

And she left everyone else to clean up her mess - queue end of this scene.


5. She was a shite BFF

Remember when Miranda was accused of stealing that cappuccino lipstick and Lizzie didn't stand up for her? Also, she frequently talked down to Gordo like he was two cans short of a six-pack.


6. Lizzie knew had to deliver a sickening burn

7. And was a serious A-hole when it came to Kate Sanders

There's no denying that Kate was a mediocre bully but when Kate did one small thing Lizzie would light a fire under her ass. Kate cared too much about what others thought of her appearance so Lizzie would dunk her in goo or dye her hair green and sent a message to the entire school about Kate stuffing her bra and let Miranda take the blame.

8. The cartoon Lizzie revealed all her true colours


Dead people are important too Lizzie Mc Guire.

9. In the Lizzie Mc Guire Movie, she gave zero fucks about everyone else

We all love a holiday romance but pretending to be sick, getting Kate in trouble, and making your parents travel across the world just so you can run around Italy getting the shift is a bit extreme and such a selfish thing to do.

10. Lizzie nearly chooses Paolo and fame over Gordo

She might have gotten with Gordo at the end of the Lizzie McGuire Movie but let's be real, if Palo hadn't broken her heart she would've chosen Paolo and fame over Gordo and that's a fact. It took Isabella, a famous Italian singer, and her lookalike, to convince her Paolo was fake. She wouldn't believe her lifelong friend Gordo- narcissism 101.

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