Here's Why 7th Heaven Was The Weirdest Show Ever

Here's Why 7th Heaven Was The Weirdest Show Ever

Nineties and early naughties kids will surely remember 7th Heaven, the show that followed the trials and tribulations of the Camden family and pushed morality lessons to the highest order.

The cheesy drama saw Reverend Eric Camden and his wife Annie as they raised a load of kids - Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie and later twins Sam and David - from confused adolescents to fully-fledged adults with their own families.

The 'picture-perfect' family (their dog was called Happy for god's sake) were obsessed with saving strangers, doing 'the right thing' and condemning pre-marital sex. It might surprise you to know that 7th Heaven was on screen for over a decade, running from 1996-2007. How, we don't know. What we do know is that it took cringiness to a whole new level and gave us many uncomfortable/hilarious moments. Here are seven reasons why it was the weirdest show ever:

1. Eric gets hormonal when Lucy starts her period

Ladies, do you remember when your dad got emotional and congratulated you for getting your first period? No? That's because it would never happen and if it did, social services would have been called.

Not in the Camden household though. When an excited Lucy gets her period, the sisters high-five and do a celebratory dance outside the bathroom. Meanwhile, Rev Camden gets weepy and goes out to pick up tampons to mark the occasion. Oh and he takes the family out for a special dinner as well. Too much strange for one episode.


2. Mary asks her brother Matt for help with kissing practice

A sixteen-year old Mary is freaking out cos she's never kissed anyone so asks her big bro to show her. Before viewers got completely scarred for life, Eric comes along and the kids jump apart yelling, 'It's not what it seems!!'

FYI, it was what it seemed but Rev. Camden didn't seem to think it was anything to get het up about and just walked away. Ah lads, in no world is shifting your sibling ever okay.

3. When Eric discovers a joint in the house

In one of the show's most hilarious scenes, intense drama ensues when an outraged Eric grills his family after finding a joint at home.


There too many funny moments to choose from in this clip. Eric threatening to drug-test the kids, Simon's outburst after his big bro admitted to being the culprit ('I looked up to you!!!') and Eric banging his fist on the door after Matt stormed off in a huff are all up there.

Pure TV gold.

4. When Simon gives his friend his finger

A young Simon is joking around with his friends and gives one of them his middle finger. Judging by his mother and school principal's reactions, you'd be forgiven for thinking he'd pulled some sort of a weapon out.

Close-up shots of the horror on their faces coupled with the dramatic music are priceless.


5. When Ruby dances 

We're not too sure what's going on with this scene to be honest.

In what we think is an attempt at sexy dancing, Ruthie is giving it socks when Eric comes along and witnesses it. In a seemingly act of defiance, she keeps on dancing and he leaves. If you can watch it without every bit of your body cringing to the highest degree, give yourself a pat on the back. Pure steel.

6. The show's obsession with pre-marital sex 


Being devout Christians, sex before marriage was a no-no. In fact, we're led to believe Simon is the only Camden to have pre-marital sex. A ridiculous plot line saw Mary's Doctor blabbing to her folks that she was pregnant (she wasn't). Wasn't their such a thing as patient/Doctor confidentiality in 7th Heaven? Apparently not.

Jessica Biel has come far from her days as a Reverend's daughter. We wouldn't recommend The Sinner if Eric and Annie wanted to have a Netflix and chill night.

7. Mary, Lucy and Matt reveal they're each having twins in the finale

Ah yeah. Mammy has twins and fast forward a few years, two of her daughters and her daughter-in-law announce they are all expecting twins. AT THE SAME TIME. We know a certain amount of belief needs to be suspended when watching these kind of shows but c'mon!

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