'Magic Mike' As Told By Elementary School Kids

July first marks the release of the long-awaited sequel to Magic Mike (Magic Mike XXL). As most people know this film is an excuse for us to all drool over Channing Tatum's body while he gyrates all over the stage, but when asked, children thought a film titled 'Magic Mike' was about something entirely different!

In a skit he calls 'Kid Theatre' Comedian Jimmy Fallon took it upon himself to ask a group of elementary school kids what they thought a film entitled 'Magic Mike' was all about. Channing and Jimmy then acted out the scenes and of course hilarity ensued! Watch it here:

Justine Halpin Mulligan
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22 year old Sociology and Social Policy student in Trinity College Dublin. Interests include romantic walks to the fridge and anything to do with elephants. Wants to be a TV personality when she grows up.

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