Mariah Carey Denying She Knows These Famous Popstars Is The Greatest

Mariah Carey Denying She Knows These Famous Popstars Is The Greatest

She's the kween of pop but Mariah Carey doesn't seem to know anyone else in the game. Remember her denying she knew Jennifer Lopez at the height of J-Lo's career? J-Lo had a perfume and everything! It was immortalised into many a meme and gif:


But fast forward to 2016 and it seems Mariah's memory is foggy at best. On US talk show Watch What Happens Live, Mariah was asked to recall whether she knew certain very famous people that she would definitely have heard of in a segment called "Does! She! Know! Her!?" Mariah clarified that she will only say if she knows someone when she's had a conversation with them because she doesn't understand the concept of simply acknowledging someone's existence.

What ensued was the deepest level of shade ever recorded. Take a look:



Mariah's face when she says she met Miley in a bathroom was just priceless. Thanks for the memories?

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