People Are Now Throwing Cheese At Cats..And It's Hilarious

People Are Now Throwing Cheese At Cats..And It's Hilarious

You might remember earlier this month we wrote about the new craze sweeping the internet the #CheeseChallenge. The cheese challenge divided the internet, some people found it hilarious and others urged parents to stop throwing cheese at their children describing the bizarre new internet trend as 'embarrassing for humanity'. Our favourite celebrity mum even weighed in on the debate saying as much as she loves a good prank this is not one she would get behind.

The original challenge consisted of people throwing an easy single cheese slice their babies and documenting their reaction. What has now developed from this challenge is much funnier and far less offensive. Cat owners across the internet are posting short videos of throwing cheese at their cats and the results are hilarious.

We scoured the deep dark web to find some of the best clips for that cat cheese challenge. Enjoy!


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The best one yet??

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The cat ? cheese ? challenge is funnier than the baby cheese challenge #cheesechallenge #catcheesechallenge #babycheesechallenge

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I think we can all agree, throwing cheese at a cat it a lot funnier than throwing cheese at unsuspecting babies who put all the trust in the world in you. Sure, isn't funny cat videos what the internet is all about.

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