Praise The Lord! Spotify Playlist Has Every Single Song From Derry Girls

Praise The Lord! Spotify Playlist Has Every Single Song From Derry Girls

Derry Girls- The Full Playlist is here!

As we wake up this morning contemplating how we are going to spend our Tuesday evenings for the foreseeable future, we can take comfort in two things,

1. Derry Girls Season 3 is confirmed

2. There is now a playlist on Spotify with all 93 songs from season one and season two of Derry Girls.

Derry Girls, the coming of age comedy is set in the '90s and recreates real-life events to show viewers a very real depiction of growing up in Derry during the troubles. One of the many reasons Derry Girls has becomes such a runaway success is this element of '90s nostalgia, which is backed with a fantastic '90s soundtrack.

One extremely thoughtful individual Rory McEvoy has taken it upon himself to compile a Spotify playlist with all 93 songs from both seasons of the show.


There are some absolute belters in this ultimate '90s playlist that you will recognise from the show. There are classic '90s anthems like Loaded from Primal Scream, Ace of Base- All that she wants and Jump around from House of Pain. Some nostalgic '90s one hit wonders that we thought had escaped our memories like Here comes the hotstepper, no limit, ooh ahh,,just a little bit from Gina G and Saturday night. The Cranberries who heavily feature on this show also heavily feature on the playlist with their hits Zombie, Dreams, I can't be with you, Ode to the family. There is also a nod to that brilliant episode where the gang sneak out to see their favourite band Take That, or 'This and That' if you Erin's Ma with a selection of the band's '90s hits.

It's the perfect predrinks playlist for any night out. You can find Derry Girls- The Full Playlist here.

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