Melisandre Reads Out GOT Fan Theories And It's Actually Hilarious

Melisandre Reads Out GOT Fan Theories And It's Actually Hilarious

Game Of Thrones is back and we're all spending most of our time hectically trying to avoid spoilers. On the other hand, Melisandre has become one of the more mysterious characters on the show and we're all scratching our heads trying to figure out who the Lord of Light is. With that being said. Melisandre reading fan theories from Game of Thrones is the last thing we ever expected to see.

Carice van Houten, the actress who plays Melisandre, treats us to a more light hearted side to her ice cold character with this hilarious video of her reading GOT fan theories. The actress channels everything from Ed Sheeran to iPhones in her readings. She's even given the fan theories from an actual raven.

The only serious side to the conversation was a possible spoiler. Houten drops a hint about Melisandre and Arya's future run in the Harper's Bazaar video:

But yes I will try to avoid Arya because I have not a good feeling about it...I really have a bad feeling about it in fact.

Is she hinting at Melisandre's life coming to end because of the Stark assassin? We shall have to wait and see! Watch the full video below and laugh yourself silly before another dramatic GOT episode next week:


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