The People Rejoice As Michael Finally Leaves Love Island

The People Rejoice As Michael Finally Leaves Love Island

We thought this day would never come, but the wrecking ball of the Love Island villa has finally been defeated.

Last night, three couples had a chance to be eliminated following a public vote. It was then put to the islanders on who they wanted to keep in the villa, with Jordan and Anna, Chris and Harley, and Michael and Francesca all in the bottom three. The five other couples decided that Jordan and Anna as well as Chris and Harley could stay another day, meaning Michael and Francesca had to depart.

Michael had spent the previous couple of days speaking with former partner Amber, telling her that she won't last with new flame Greg. Before leaving the island, he back-tracked on those previous comments, saying that they will last. Isn't that sweet?

On Love Island Aftersun, Michael came face-to-face with the girl he could have left with, Joanna. In a decidedly awkward interview, Michael again tried to weasel his way out of his misdemeanours, despite them being recorded for all to see. Also on Aftersun, Anton's mother was in the crowd, seemingly overindulging on the free bar.

Elsewhere on Love Island, Jordan surprised Anna with a grand gesture in order to ask her to be his full-time girlfriend. Also, Maura and Curtis went on their first date, with the producers sending them to juice oranges. It was as exciting as it sounds.

Here's all the best reaction from last night's Love Island:


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