21 Reasons Why We Miss MSN

MSN was the first messenger service that saw us abandon texts and take on the realm of the internet .. MSN where your name apparently had weird letters like this ę? and how many xxx's you put at the end of your message was directly in proportion to how much you wanted to get with the person.. Some of the best conversations we had as teenagers were over MSN... Here are some of the main reasons we miss it..

1) 'Oh sorry that was my friend'

This excuse would never work in this day and age ?  For some reason on MSN there was always the chance that someone else was at the end of your keyboard..

2) Turning your MSN on and off to get the person you liked's  attention- 'He'll never know'

You coy thing you ..

3) Seeing the person you liked sign in and waiting for a bit before you sent them a message..


You didn't want them to think you were a psycho..

4) Sending instantly regrettable messages and having to wait for the reply

Maybe if I sign out and in again they might not see it ?!?

5) Having to get off MSN because you mum needed to use the phone


Back before wireless, dial up meant you were in a constant battle between landline and computer..

6) Having a stupid email address that you would come to regret years later

"[email protected]"

7) Leaving school then going on MSN for like 5 hours


Wat you doin? Nutin much wbu?

8) Starting conversations that mostly consisted of this..

DMC anyone?

9) Asking your friend to give you luv on bebo so that people would think you're cool


'Send me luv and I'l send it to you'


10) Nudging your friend on MSN to piss them off

*Nudge* *Nudge* There was nothing more annoying then your rapidly vibrating screen..

11) Installing MSN on the school computer because you were such a bad ass


Total legend.

12) Having a certain fancy font and colour scheme and a screen names like this:

<3 everywhere..

13)  Having your parents walk in and typing-

space, enter,


space, enter,

space, enter

14) Reserving your personal message for song lyrics.

Blink 182 and Sum 41 lyrics never seemed so poignant... 


15) Having countless short cuts to your epic emoticon library

And using them so frequently that every sentence you wrote had at least two flashing/glitter words per line..

16) Copying and pasting the person you liked messages into your friends chat so they could 'interpret' what he actually meant by "kk cool see u l8r"

What does he mean? Do they like me?

17) BRB


Yeah biggest lie ever told - More like "I'l be right back after an undecided quantity of time"

18) Freaking out when someone was typing a long message and then suddenly stopped

What does this mean ? Maybe their mum needed the landline?!

19) Texting someone to tell them to go online


It had been 2 hours since you talked to your friends in school .. 'Go online plz'

20) Boy: "wanna be my gf?" Girl: "okay!" Both: *Writes <3 in their msn status* = OFFICIAL.

21) Doing this before you went offline..

Holding down the 'X' was testament to how much you liked a person

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ahh MSN we miss you

Therese Walsh
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Therese Walsh is a recent graduate of University College Dublin with the entirely employable degree of English and music. She enjoys the facts on the inside of snapple caps and writing mini biographies.

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