Ms. Trump Will Be Appearing On The Ray D'Arcy Show This Saturday

Ms. Trump Will Be Appearing On The Ray D'Arcy Show This Saturday

In George Orwell's seminal dystopian science-fiction novel 1984 the grand finale of the torture the lead character, Winston Smith, is subjected to involves being brought to Room 101. In Room 101 the malevolent villain of the book, O'Brien, breaks down the psyche of any enemies of the state by confronting them with their greatest fears. In Winston Smith's case it was to be covered in ferocious rats, in my case it would be being forced to stay in on a Saturday night and watch the human embodiment of inanity, Ray D'Arcy, chat to someone who has wilfully associated themselves with Donald Trump. Unfortunately, it appears that, as ever, RTÉ are out to make my worst nightmares a reality and that is very much what they are trying to make happen on The Ray D'Arcy Show this Saturday.

Businesswoman, and first wife of the human love-child of a racist tumbleweed and some rancid beef - Donald Trump - will be the star guest on the show. She will apparently be there to discuss her relationship with her ex-husband as well as what he was like as both a father and a husband. I can imagine she will either tell us the truth - that he was presumably largely awful on both fronts - or that she will give out answers that will ensure her hotel room door isn't kicked in during the middle of the by very angry secret service agents.

She is also apparently set to discuss the influential role her daughter, Ivanka, has on the Trump presidency as well as her belief that Ivanka could one day become President of the United States as well. Now, again to rope this whole article back round to the topic of 'dystopian science-fiction', this is a genre that I have a great interest in. It is a genre I frequently seek out in books and in films. Yet in all my years of consuming such media I have never come across a story, a conceit so utterly galling and stomach-turning than the idea of some sort of Trump dynasty establishing itself in U.S. political life.

Also on the show will be the far less offensive Charlie Bird, Millie Mackintosh and those Price boys who did all that singing on the X Factor of late. As far as I know, none of these other guests have similarly close connections to a currently reigning tyrannical despot*, and as such they escape my ire.


The Ray D'Arcy Show airs at 10pm this Saturday.

*I have it on good authority that Charlie Bird is at least on speaking terms with Robert Mugabe and that they take an annual trip to a provincial aquarium together, however, due to Mugabe's recent deposition, Bird again escapes my ire on a technicality.

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