All You Need To Know About HQ: The Trivia Game Where You Can Win Real Money

All You Need To Know About HQ: The Trivia Game Where You Can Win Real Money

The internet has gone into a frenzy over this HQ Trivia game. If you haven't heard of it get yourself to the app store and download it now! The game is a live trivia game that takes place at two times each day, usually the afternoon and evening. The thing that makes this game better than any other is that you can win cash prizes.

The rules of the game are simple and similar to any other trivia game. There are 12 multiple choice questions that range from easy to hard and the people who answer all 12 questions right split the cash prize. If no one wins, the money rolls over to the next game. You have approximately ten seconds to answer each question and the timer starts once the presenter starts speaking. This keeps the questions from being Google-able.

How much money can I win I hear you say?! The cash prize amount ranges. When the game first launched it was averaging $100 but now it averages at $750 a game. Obviously what you take home if you win varies as you will most likely split the prize money with other players. You can cash out using your PayPal account.


You can download the game for iOS devices here and for Android devices here. Time for you to brush up on your trivia skills and win some hard cash!

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Mary Stafford

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