New Trailer To 'The Shallows' Released- And It Looks AMAZING!!!

Blake Lively, the woman whose life any of us would happily swap, Ryan Reynolds? That unbelievable body? Her silky golden mane? Yeah you see what I mean, the woman is incredible. Anyway, her much anticipated new action thriller, The Shallows is here at last. In a role that couldn't be further away from her Gossip Girl roots- Lively plays a surfer called Nancy. Nancy is on a break, hoping to escape the city and explore a tropical wonderland known only as 'Paradise'- but something isn't right. A sea creature is lurking in the clear waters that will threaten all on the shore.


The sea creature is a shark. A big one. Nancy gets attacked by this demon shark and finds herself stranded atop a tiny atoll. The shore is not too far away, but with the shark cruising freely in the waters between her temporary refuge and land, Nancy must find a way to outwit the predator and make her way home. We love a good shark thriller and can't wait to see how Blake manages in this one. Watch her in the clip below and let us know what you think!



 Video: THE SHALLOWS - Official Trailer #2 (HD)

Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment


College Times Staff

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