One Direction Set To Become First Ever Billionaire Boyband

Gavin Anderson

According to an online news website, the Business Insider, One Direction are set to become the only billionaire boyband in pop history in 2014.

The site breaks the billion down into a number of categories, including concert ticket sales, record sales, movie ticket sales, DVD sales and 'other' (which includes all 1D merchandise).

Obviously  1D are currently in that small window that some boy bands experience which can only be described as 'mania'; so it’s no wonder their management are capitalising on this buzz.

Below is a breakdown of how One Direction will become the first ever boyband to gross $1 billion in just 12 months.

Concert Ticket Sales - $ 457,500,000 (€ 345 million)


Business Insider claims that a massive 50% of this billion will come from concert tickets alone. At the moment the 5 guys are in the middle of their Take Me Home Tour which has 120 dates around the world. Although their Where We Are Tour next year, will not include as many dates, it will be a stadium tour which is crucial as it means 1D will be playing to crowds of 50 - 60,000. This is opposed to the venues their playing at the moment with their current tour which averages an audience of about 12 - 13,000.

Business Insider expects gross of $ 457,500,000 (€ 345 million) from concert tickets alone.

Record Sales - $300,000,000 (€227 million)

According to their label (Syco/Columbia) One Direction have sold around 30 million records to date.  The site predicts this will account for $300,000,000 (€227 million) of the one billion.


Total Movie Gross Sales:  $150,000,000 (€113 million).

One Direction’s film “This Is Us”, will open in Ireland at the end of this month and has been billed as an intimate all-access look at life on the road for the global music phenomenon.

To get to that figure the site used the box office takings of Katy Perry’s 2012 movie ‘’Part of Me’’ and Justin Bieber’s 2011 movie “Never Say Never” which took in $32,439,363 (€ 24 million) and $125,000,000 (€ 94 million) respectively.

Accounting for One Directions international popularity and pre-ordered tickets , it is predicted that their total movie gross sales (including DVD release of the film) will come in at around $150,000,000 (€113 million).



Total DVD Sales: $15,000,000 (€11 million)

One Direction’s Up All Night: The Live Tour DVD sold 76,000 copies in its first week of sales in 2012 and went on to sell over a million copies worldwide. That’s another $15,000,000 (€11 million) in the bank.



Official Merchandise - $67,500,000 (€ 51 million)

One Direction’s official merchandise includes just about anything they could stick their faces on - from backpacks and pillows to iPad covers and dolls. One Direction have also recently launched a budget makeup range called ‘Little Things’ and are due to release their fragrance ‘Our Moment’  later this month.

Business Insider expects this merchandise to bring in around $67,500,000 or € 51 million in the next 12 months - which will bring the grand total to a whopping ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

Total - $1 billion (€755 million)

However the only negative that can come from this is that Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis become over exposed during the next 12 months and fans may begin to lose interest in them. However I don’t think the lads will be too concerned with that as they’ ll be too busy counting their dolla dolla!!

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