Ranking The Top 5 Queens On RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11

Ranking The Top 5 Queens On RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11

RuPaul's Drag Race has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon. 11 seasons, along with 4 All-Stars seasons, along with a world tour, and an annual convention in the US, the show has done wonders for the culture worldwide. The show has an equivalent in Thailand, and a UK version is set to come to BBC3 sometime this year. As a result drag queens are now household names.

The current season is beginning to draw to a close. After the elimination of Nina West in the most recent episode we're down to the top 5 queens, Brooke Lynn Hytes, Miss Vanjie, Akeria, Yvie, and Silky. With only one regular episode left, then the reunion and finale.

Unlike other seasons, this one has no real front-runner going into the top 5. Season 5 had Jinkx, Season 6 had Bianca, Season 8 had Bob but there's no clear and obvious choice in this one. With the changed finale format, it also makes things that bit harder to call. The finale is going to come down to who gives the best lip-sync performance, so its anyone's game. So keeping that in mind, what's the pecking order?

Silky Nutmeg Ganache

By far and away the weakest queen left. Very lucky to be left after her horrific showing in the lip sync against Nina. She also seems to not be taking the judges critiques into consideration. Silky was pulled up this week and last week for having visible padding, and took criticism for her makeup, and did nothing to remedy that. Silky is rude and delusional, and clearly out of her depth compared to the rest of the queens.  Her looks are just not on the level of the other queens, and is only kept in the show to cause.



Akeria Chanel Davenport

A tight call here but Vanjie just about makes it into the third place spot. Akeria could be a dark horse. A glamorous pageant queen, but with the comedy chops to match; Akeria performed solidly throughout the show bar one slip, and had it been the original finale format, Akeria would have been a shoe in for top 3


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Lite as a feather, thicker than a snicker! #solid

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Miss Vanjie


Miss Vanjie has been the highlight of the season for most people. Whenever Vanjie does a confessional, strap in, because you never know what she'll say. Some of her best quotes:

"Like a hooker on Rodeo Drive: she's kinda Ghetto but still like, you know, eloquent." (referring to herself)

"Bitch. RuPaul walks into the werkroom. I was gagged. It's like seeing the Loch Ness Monster. You hear a lot about it, but you never see it. So when you see it, bitch, you done."

"Miss Scarlet is looking pressed like a panini."

She struggled to avoid using bodysuits on the runway for a while, but after some strong criticism, Vanjie turned it round, and was robbed of a win in this week's episode. Her lip-sync game is also strong, sending home, Plastique and Shuga. A fan favourite, she may not win, but Vanjie will surely be back for All-Stars 5, whenever it appears.


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Vanity 6 deaddddd hoe! Excited for the new ep tomorrow ??

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Brooke Lynn Hytes

Another fan favourite, the tall Canadian has been one of the strongest competitors. A former professional ballet dancers, her grace and poise learned in ballet circles has served her well in the show. Brooke Lynn's runways have been probably the most glamorous and consistent. Dodgy Snatch Game aside, she has performed very well in all the challenges, the stand-out a surprisingly funny improv performance. Who could forget the lip sync with Yvie after Snatch Game


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I’m so proud of myself ☺️ Incredible costume by @seanmalmas Incredible photo by @alyssabarkerphoto #dragrace

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Yvie Oddly

The oddballs generally do quite well on Drag Race. Sharon Needles, Jinkx Monsoon, Sasha Velour were innovators and all won. Kim Chi had some of the most spectacular runways in herstory and finished top 3. Yvie is very much in the same vein as the illustrious queens mentioned. As Ross Matthews said in the most recent episode, Yvie is an original. Yvie has the acting skills too. In the improv episode, she complemented Akeria well, and gave great character to the lip sync challenges. Due to her medical condition, Yvie is quite flexible, and as we saw with the Brooke Lynn lip sync, she's quite the dancer, and in the lip sync finale, its gonna come down to Yvie and Brooke.

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