Someone Has Made A PopeMobile Driving Game And It's Brilliant

Someone Has Made A PopeMobile Driving Game And It's Brilliant

As Pope Francis's visit is only hours away we're all imagining what this robed man will get up to when he lands on Irish shores - apart from breaking the world record for saying the most masses said in a weekend.

While the country might be divided on whether or not the Pope's visit is a good, or even appropriate, idea, especially since he'll be taking up every major road in the country, we've found the perfect game for you to blow off a bit of steam.

The Pope Mobile is an arcade-style game in the vain of racing games like Mario Kart and Burnout and while you can't step out of the car, you can complete three levels and compete and overtake the likes of buses and the Gardaí for road space.

The three circuits for the game include Knock, Phoenix Park, and Dublin City Centre with three levels per circuit. There'll be Gardai checkpoints, deer and 'Michael D Higgins 4 Prez' signs to avoid so keep your wits about you while you're driving the Popemobile. You must complete each level in order to move on to next.


If you fancy giving the Popemobile a try and are ready to write off your weekend, click here.

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