Harry Potter Style Bar The Cauldron Coming To Dublin

Harry Potter Style Bar The Cauldron Coming To Dublin

A magical pop-up cocktail bar is coming to Dublin that definitely is not influenced by Harry Potter at all, and has absolutely nothing to do with it. Copyright is expensive you can be sure. The Cauldron has announced that they will be expanding into Ireland, which is bound to interest witches and wizards alike. Following on from their successful pop-ups in London and New York City, The Magical Experience opens in July in The Liquor Rooms at 5 Wellington Quay.

The Cauldron is an hour and 45 minute ticketed class which focuses on using technology and science to bring concepts from fantasy novels and magical lore to life. Upon arrival, guests receive a robe and a working magic wand which is imbued with technology. While there, would-be witches and wizards will be asked to pour helpings of The Cauldron’s collaboration craft beer, cocktail or mocktail.

Guests use the equipment at their wand-interactive workstation, which includes a cauldron, mixing utensils and fresh and bottled potion-making ingredients to brew two drinkable potions that change colour, bubble, and smoke. Classes include three drinks and all materials/supplies and The Cauldron will be located at The Liquor Rooms for a three-month duration.

Tickets start at €29.99. Take a look at what's in store.


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Joe O'Gorman

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