White Chocolate Coco Pops Are Now On Sale In Ireland

White Chocolate Coco Pops Are Now On Sale In Ireland

What a time to be alive. If you are one of the enlightened few that realises that white chocolate is the superior chocolate, then this news will be music to your ears. Kellogg's announced today that white chocolate Coco Pops will be making their way into supermarkets over the next week or two. This is not a drill, as they have already made it to Irish Tescos.

After an array of request on social media, Kellogg's decided to give the fans what they wanted. Katy Bailey of Kellogg’s said:

In response to our fans, and the growing desire for white chocolate varieties of popular foods, we wanted to see if it was possible to create a white chocolate Coco Pops that tastes as good as the original. Our food developers have succeeded and for the first time in the cereal’s 50-year history, a white chocolate version will hit the shops.

White chocolate Coco Pops are expected to be available from all major supermarkets by the middle of June, costing €4.09.  The white chocolate version will have 30% less sugar than other chocolate coated toasted rice cereals. Each 30g serving of the white chocolate cereal contains 116 calories, 1g fat, 5.1g of sugar and 0.2g of salt. By comparison, normal Coco Pops contain 115 calories, 0.6g fat, 5.1g sugar and 0.2g salt per 30g serving.

The reaction on social media has been mixed




Then there was some taste-challenged individuals who couldn't grasp the difference between Rice Krispies and white chocolate

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Joe O'Gorman

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