'Nathan For You': The Best Prank Show You've Never Heard Of

'Nathan For You': The Best Prank Show You've Never Heard Of

Nathan Fielder is a name you probably haven't come across on your Facebook, Youtube or Netflix but he has one of the funniest prank shows on television at the moment.

The premise of his show is that of a business graduate who visits businesses that aren't doing so well and gives them advice with how to get more customers.

The twist is the advice that he gives them is ridiculous and impractical. Here is a rundown of his best/worst ideas:

1. Getting an ice-cream shop to sell poo flavoured frozen yoghurt to drive sales

2. Luring drunk people into an antique shop and forcing them to buy antiques when they inevitably break them


3. Selling drink to minors with the clause that the liquor store will mind the alcohol until they turn 21.

4. Making a coffee shop change its name to 'Dumb Starbucks' to gain recognition

5. Making a chili suit so a chili vendor can sell chili illegally inside a baseball stadium

You can catch clips of Nathan For You on Youtube although if you want to watch the full show you might have to use more scurrilous methods *cough* torrent *cough*.

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Eoin Lyons

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