The 10 Weirdest Celebrity Cameos On Kids Shows

The 10 Weirdest Celebrity Cameos On Kids Shows

For whatever reason... money troubles, they owed someone a favour or they were simply just fans of the show, celebrities make cameos on kids TV programs. However, sometimes it's hard to believe what celebs turn up in our favourite kids shows. Here is a list of the most left field appearances by celebs on children's TV.

1. Johnny Depp On Spongebob Squarepants

Depp voiced Jack Kahuna Laguna in an episode of the massively successful animation. Check out the distinctly homoerotic trailer above.

2. Patrick Stewart On Sesame Street

Patrick Stewart known for Star Trek & X-men does a wonderful job on Sesame Street as an eccentric thespian teaching kids about the letter 'B'.


3. The Backstreet Boys On Arthur

There's something off about this one.

4. Larry David On Hannah Montana

A thoroughly enjoyable cameo for what it's worth, though you have to wonder Larry David felt the need to do it. Perhaps his daughter was a big fan. That's where the smart money is.


5. Nicki Minaj On Steven Universe

Foul mouthed rapper Nicki Minaj voiced a Sugilite, a character on the critically acclaimed children's animation Steven Universe. To be fair she'd make a good voice actor.

6. Michelle Obama On iCarly

Former first lady made an appearance on the Nickelodeon show to raise support for military families. A bit wooden from Shelley if you ask me.


7. Johnny Cash On Sesame Street

This is just great. Sesame Street really did have the best guests.

8. Donald Glover on Sesame Street

The 'Redbone' singer appeared on the show and put in a star turn as stroppy musician LMNOP.


9. Tom Hardy in CBeebies Bedtime Stories

Completely out of the blue, Tom Hardy reads us a bedtime story and entrances us with his oddly therapeutic voice.

10. Donald Trump in The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

A very strange cameo, given what we know now. However we shouldn't be surprised as The Donald has quite an extensive filmography including appearances in such movies such as Home Alone:2 & Zoolander.

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