The 7 Signs You're In A Pretentious Barber Shop

The 7 Signs You're In A Pretentious Barber Shop

It's one of those days. You need a haircut and you can't think where? You ask a 'trusted' friend and they promise you the truth but instead, give you lies. You walk up to the building, which is difficult to find, and see the overly polished front exterior and fancy sign. You convince yourself you'll be grand, sure the lads told you it would be good! How wrong were you? Here's how you spot the 7 signs of a pretentious barber shop so you can run the FECK away:

1. The Attitude

You'll walk in and notice the barber staring at himself in the mirror, he'll turn to you, look you up and down and slyly sucks you in with the line "what you after mate?". The word mate is a disguise, much like the exterior of this hell hole.

2. The over the top House Music

You sit down and wonder " Is this over the top house music a strange but welcome addition to my morning?".

3. Learning on how long you have to wait for an appointment


"Yeah, we can take you in 3 months?!" .

4. The Haircut itself

You delightfully smile as your haircut looks perfect but before you can even acknowledge its greatness the barber continues to chop away. Your soul slowly dies. Side note: In future take control. You're in control of your destiny haircut!

5. The lack of talking

We understand the hell that is customer service but everyone likes the odd bit of banter! You'll silently sit in the chair as the barber violently chops into your hair and you feel a sudden sense of anxiety about your life ending.


6. "Coconut Water?"

The odd drink you're offered is another strange addition to your new experience of getting your hair cut. You feel kind of pampered but then you wonder what the catch is?

7. The Price

The 50 euro explains the coconut water and head massage. Out of absolute shock, you still, somehow, tip the barber out of politeness.

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