All The Best Bits Of The Love Actually Sequel And How To Watch It

All The Best Bits Of The Love Actually Sequel And How To Watch It

If you missed it last night, the Love Actually sequel aired on TV and it was just what we all needed, especially the English after a horrible week. Most of the cast of the original Love Actually joined forces for Red Nose Day Actually to give an update on what happened to the couples 14 years on.

While it wasn't wildly hilarious, it was v. cute and made us smile. OH and most importantly, it's for charity and they raised over £41m! Here's some of the highlights of Red Nose Day Actually:

Rick Grimes Mark is back at Juliet's door step:


And he has some news... he's married to Kate Moss! Proof you should always dump your husband for your stalker:

"See? I'm fuckable, Juliet"

David is still going strong as the PM. Those dance moves tho:

Hotline Bling = one thing

And he's still with adorbs Natalie who def isn't fetching him cups of tea anymore:

"Hahahaha get your own tea bitch"

Billy Mack is still as gangster as ever, trying to make a charity single and sleeping with Kardashians:


Rufus works in Sainsburys and is desperately trying not to die inside:

"Kill me"

Jamie and Aurelia are still together, proving language is no barrier to love 'cause who needs to feckin' understand what the other is saying. They also have three kids:

"Should I drive off a cliff?"

Oh and she's preggers with a fourth:

Not seen: Jamie's face

Daniel and Sam are still having D&Ms, and there's something Sam wants to tell his daddy:

I'm a hipster, dad. Do you still love me with this moustache?

I'm getting married but we're really ~new age~ and Joanna wants to ask for your permission. Please say yes???:

"Even I hate the moustache. Please say no so I can leave"

The "sequel" finishes with David giving a lovely speech about helping people:

PMs like this don't actually exist


Whenever you see tragedy, you see bravery. Whenever you see ordinary people in need, you see extraordinary ordinary people come to their aid. Most people, every day, everywhere, still have enough love in their hearts to help human beings in trouble. Good is going to win, I’m actually sure of it.

If you haven't watched it yet, you can watch here. FYI fast forward to near the very end.

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