Dundalk IT's New Retro GAA Away Jersey Is Here And It Is Utterly Fantastic

Dundalk IT's New Retro GAA Away Jersey Is Here And It Is Utterly Fantastic

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What's the best piece of news you could wake up to of a Friday? "An announcement that Britain would agree to maintain the free movement of people between Northern Ireland and the Republic while promising not to implement a hard border?". Yes, alright, that is, in the grand scheme of things, a fantastic piece of news, what would be the second best piece of news - Look, I actually don't have time to play this game. I have what, I will conservatively guess, will probably be the 50th best piece of news you'll hear this morning. DKIT have released a retro, away GAA jersey.

Let me break that down for you, you are probably reeling from the immensity of the news. The GAA Club of DKIT, have released a jersey. Momentous enough news, sure, but again you are missing a key adjective in the initial sentence and this roller-coaster is far from over - this jersey is also, and I don't use this word lightly, 'retro'. That means it stylistically harkens back to olden times, specifically, some relatively ambiguous period in I want to say the 80s?

Where are you going? You think this is over? You may need painkillers to cope with just how sorely mistaken you are. As this is also their away jersey when they're playing in places that are not Dundalk, of which I hear there are many.

They have put up a series of snaps on Facebook from, what would simply be churlish of me to describe as anything other than a photoshoot.


If you would like to get your hands on one of these jerseys - so that you can then have to awkwardly explain to people that you don't actually play for DKIT GAA but that if they were ever short a player in an away match situation, you would be largely pre-equipped to fill in if needs be - you can purchase them from O'Neill's website.

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