'Romantic' NUIG Student Wears Shirt And Tie For Netflix & Chill

'Romantic' NUIG Student Wears Shirt And Tie For Netflix & Chill

Oft goes the refrain by cold-hearted cynics that 'Romance is dead'. Well, tell that to 21 year-old history student, Ryan Furlong, who is considering something very special for his planned 'Netflix & Chill' Valentine's date with a girl who - he insisted we definitely clarify - is not 'his girlfriend per se'.

Mr. Furlong has been seeing fellow final year history student, Annabel Chuff, for some three months now. During an interview with CollegeTimes, Mr. Furlong described the genesis of their relationship.

Well, we're on the same course and given that our digs are commutable by a single bus route, it was a no-brainer that we'd eventually hook up. I remember she invited me round to her house to help her run through some notes for a test. Well it began with us comparing notes surrounding the agricultural crises - predominantly around the issue of wheat production -in Tsarist Russia and I mean, working with material that exotic it was really only a matter of time before things became carnal.

Mr. Furlong states that their relationship has so far largely consisted of scheduled Netflix & Chill sessions - where the popular streaming service (Netflix) is used as a mutually understand pretense to invite someone around to your property for the purposes of 'Chill'ing (kissing - both French and other, heavy petting etc.).

We've been seeing each other for a while now and, well, I think things have started to get slightly more serious. We have now actually finished watching several films we'd started together and have even watched several Louis Theroux documentaries - for the sake of the documentaries themselves.

Given this, Mr. Furlong has decided that he will wear a shirt & tie to his scheduled visit to Ms. Chuff this evening.


It's Valentine's Day, but it is a Thursday and that means I won't be over until 9 - so that she has enough time to shower after her spin class, but I've decided that I'm going to try make it more of a date. I've even made a scented candle.

When asked to expand on exactly what he meant by 'made a scented candle', he produced a tealight that he said he had left soaking in soy sauce and a Capri-Sun over night.

We wish him all the best.

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Rory McNab

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