The 13 Unwritten Rules Of Every Irish Household

The 13 Unwritten Rules Of Every Irish Household

When it comes to Irish households, there are more than a few unwritten rules that we all know about but never say out loud.

Some are minuscule efforts while others are embedded in us from a young age. Whether it's down to guests coming over, door etiquette or even your Dad's cooking habits, we all know these to be true but have never actually thought about them.

1. In the country, the front door is exclusively for guests

For us mere mortals, the back door is the only way to enter your household.

2. When a guest arrives, you offer them tea straight away, wait until they say no, then offer it to them again

On the guests part, it's polite to decline and then insist on accepting your tea. Sure, it's only expected of you.


3. There's a good room that's never used except for special occasions

If you even look at the room with a pair of shoes on, your mother would gut you like a fish.

4. Clothes are handed down to younger siblings regardless of gender

"Sure Michael's old hoodie is perfect for you Claire. I'm not throwing it out, you're wearing it".

5. Everyone has to visit at least one set of grandparents monthly


It doesn't matter if they live in Cork and you live in Donegal.

6. At every family gathering, you're made stand 'back to back' with a sibling to see who's taller

A modern day torture method.


7. In the country, dinner is eaten in the middle of the day


Which normally means you end up eating two dinners.

8. You have to go to mass, always

It doesn't matter if you come straight from a session, you're dying of a stomach bug or your 25, you have to go.

9. Romantica can only be eaten around Christmas time

This is probably because it goes down to €3.29 around Christmas time but you could never betray your family and eat it at some crazy time, like summer or something!


10. If your Dad decides to BBQ he will carry out this duty regardless of the weather

Many an evening has been spent with an umbrella over his head while cooking up some burgers. Is it a pride thing, who even knows?

11. Milk is only ever put in a jug when guests come around

Is this an attempt to make guests think your fancy? We all know the real answer.

12. Everyone has to be silent for the death notices


Even a whisper will be met with a shush.

13. Everything other than the food shop must be purchased off DoneDeal

Need a new car? Donedeal. Need a new cooker? Donedeal. Need a Star Wars pot belly stove? Donedeal.

Source: Donedeal/MCD Home and Garden

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