11 Sabrina The Teenage Witch Facts We Never Knew

11 Sabrina The Teenage Witch Facts We Never Knew

Sabrina, Salem, her aunts, and Harvey were just some of the characters from Sabrina The Teenage Witch that made our childhood. Although the show had an abundance of cameos, including RuPaul, Daniel Bedingfield, Britney Spears and Dolly Parton, the behind the scenes magic that went over our heads as kids were actually the foundation of the show:

1. Melissa Joan Hart wasn't always meant to be Sabrina

The original slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar was up for the role of Sabrina but turned it down to play the ass-kicking Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

2. Sabrina's House

Sabrina is set in a fictional Boston suburb called Westridge. However, the Spellman manor actually exists in real life. You can visit the manor in Freehold, New Jersey, which is home to a number of businesses who might be so kind to show you a sneak peek. In Sabrina's world, the house has the same zip code as Salem Massachusetts, the historical towns were women were burned at the stake for being "witches". It has the zip code 01970.

3. Melissa Joan Hart's Mam is responsible for the magic

After being handed the Sabrina comics in a New York playground, Paula Hart brought the concept of Sabrina to ABC and fought to have the show become a reality, believing the show had serious potential. For the entire seven seasons, she served as executive producer on the show.


4. Salem was the true talent of Sabrina

Not only did Salem appear in every single episode of Sabrina the voice actor Bakay was credited with penning 12 episodes. The live action cat was played by Elvis, Lucy, Salem, and Witch.

5. There was a Gilmore Girls crossover

Back in the day, before Gilmore Girls, nobody knew who Milo Ventimiglia was. The Italian became every teen's heartthrob when he became Jess, Rory's boyfriend, in GG. Little did we know that Milo featured in the Sabrina episode "Terrible Things" - the one were Sabrina makes peoples dreams come true, including making Jenny student president:


6. Amanda

Everyone remembers Sabrina's devilish cousin Amana, the word brat personified,  but did you know she was Melissa Joan Hart's sister? Yes. On top of this cosmic life-changing news, Emily Hart is 31 now.


7. Valerie (Lindsay Sloane)

Valerie dreamt of being the most popular girl in school and spent many an episode trying to make it as a cheerleader. In a jaw-dropping moment of  alternative universe/ perfect example of typecasting", Sloane starred as the bitchy head cheerleader in classic teen comedy-drama Bring It On:

8. Ryan Reynolds was the original Harvey Kinkle

Before the TV show was released, Sabrina story was made into a TV MOVIE with Ryan Reynolds as her co-star boyfriend. Clock that questionable haircut.


9. Mr. Pool is a hotshot director now

Paul Feig, the man who played Sabrina's high school chemistry teacher, is, in fact, a massive director. He's directed many instant classics including, Bridesmaids, The Heat, Spy, GhostbustersFerdinand and Knocked Up. If only Mr. Poole knew:


10.  Why Aunt Zelda left the show

After season six Aunt Hilda was forced to pretend Aunt Zelda was constantly somewhere else after Beth Broderick quit the show. The actress decided to leave Sabrina as she felt her character wasn't going anywhere which, unpopular opinion, was kind of true.

11. What is mitosis?

Any true Sabrina fans will remember the classic line from Sabrina "mitosis is" as she and Harvey try to study for their finals. For years fans wondered what "mitosis" was and we've found the answer: a type of cell division that results in two daughter cells each having the same number and kind of chromosomes as the parent nucleus.

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