"What?": Ranking The Best Live Bloopers From News Presenters In Ireland

"What?": Ranking The Best Live Bloopers From News Presenters In Ireland

Whether it's dealing with unpredictable storms or breaking live news, Irish news presenters are troopers. Not only do they deal with the environments around them but battle through live television, a feat few of us could truly master.

In those moments where anything could happen, we are served with some of the most memorable and hilarious moments in Irish tv history.

9. Keelin Shanley

The inspiration for this list and the most recent blooper, newsreader Keelin Shanley didn't realise the camera was on during the RTÉ news on Monday evening. It was Keelin's reaction that made this mishap truly memorable.

8. Caitriona Perry


The former Washinton correspondent for RTÉ News has had few on-air disasters but this one came out of nowhere.

7. Siobhán Ryan

If anyone ever epitomized the urge to say "feck it anyway" it's Siobhan. Siobhan has been unfortunate to face technical difficulties on a number of occasions and we cannot help but relate.


6. Bryan Dobson

Unlike some of the others who've made this list, Dobson has only been involved in a few blooper moments throughout his decades-long career. Two moments, in particular, go down in history as the most memorable:


5. Deric Ó hArtagáin

One of few TV3 personalities to make the list, Deric was one of the presenters celebrated during Storm Ophelia. During one weather update the presenter was, quite literally, whisked away:


4. Evelyn Cusack

Evelyn is known for delivering our weather forecast and anytime there's a storm you're sure to catch Evelyn helming a press conference. Unfortunately, Ireland's main weather presenter hasn't always had the best luck on air.

3. Sharon Ní Bheoláin


Sharon has always been a mainstay on the RTÉ News but her battle to speak through a tickly cough has become an iconic moment in Irish tv blooper moments.

2. Teresa Mannion

Although technically not a blooper, Teresa stormed through a weather broadcast back in 2015. The video went viral and the nation fell in love with her. Her quote "don't take unnecessary journeys" is now part of Irish pop cultural history and we're sure will feature heavily on a future episode of Reeling In The Years.


1. Aengus Mac Grianna

The now-retired News presenter, Aengus Mac Grianna has become synonymous with bloopers. More than anyone else on this list, Aengus has an entire compilation of the times he tripped up on air. Mac Grianna, unlike his colleagues, goes down as giving the best reaction to be caught off guard live on air, so much so he ended up on Jimmy Kimmel in 2013:

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