17 Facts You'll Know To Be True If You've Grown Up In A Country Town

17 Facts You'll Know To Be True If You've Grown Up In A Country Town

Growing up in a country town you learn to adapt.

You might not always have the best public transport, good coffee or working wifi but you love the place all the same. It really is a magical place full of wonder and uncertainty.

Here are 17 times growing up in a country town was everything:

1. Everyone knows who the local gossip is. They know more about you than you do about yourself.

2. The noise of people diffing in the deserted Dunnes carpark lets you know you're not alone.

3. Spinning around the town on a Saturday 'cause there's feck all else to do


4. You'd never clothes shop locally cause you know everyone will be wearing the same thing

5. Going to Blanchardstown for the day 'cause your Mam won't drive into Dublin's City Centre

6. Having to watch your friends perform in a band  in your local nearly every weekend

7. The fanciest building is always the giant Church that looks down at you when you have the Sunday fear.


8. Having to get a taxi/bus to bring you to a county away just to go on a decent night out.

9. The smell of feet that will forever haunt your local nightclub.

10. Going "down the town" or "uptown" to go on the mitch from school.

11. Driving over a tiny 'roundabout' 'cause it shouldn't have been there in the first place.

12. Matching with the same person 9 times on Tinder and then seeing them in your local Spar/ Centra/ Mace every second day.


13. You'd go to the town hall discos and meet some Spanish students who were staying in town for the summer.

14. Having the option of going to several pubs but only having one shop and a coffee machine that tastes awful.

15. Waiting on the side of the road for a Bus Eireann bus to bring you anywhere outside of the county is an ordeal and a half.

16. Trying to find a 4G signal is like trying to find the elusive black panther that stalks the countryside.

17. Going to the shop to get tea bags takes half an hour cause you meet so many locals along the way.

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