13 Disgusting And Sad Meals Every Irish Vegetarian Has Had To Endure

13 Disgusting And Sad Meals Every Irish Vegetarian Has Had To Endure

Being a vegetarian in Ireland is hard enough without all the shite eating out options. Meat-eating Ireland doesn't exactly cater for all the veggies out there.

Sunday roasts send a shudder down your spine, pubs are greeted with disdain and barbeques are just a disaster. There are, however, some staple meals that pubs and restaurants in Ireland all seem to serve. We've decided to compile the list and remind you of some of the sad meals you've more than likely eaten.

1. A portobello mushroom burger that costs €10.50

That seems fair, NOT.

2. Stuffed peppers with goat's cheese


Why is it always goat's cheese?

3. The classic pub goats cheese tart

Again, goat's cheese.


4. Indian Vegetable korma

They never think to add any sort of protein, like chickpeas, so you're starving an hour later.

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5. A Sunday roast that's just potatoes and veg




6. A full Irish that's just beans and eggs

It's never as satisfying and the toast always goes soggy.


7. A sad cheese sandwich

With iceberg lettuce, so sad.

8. Macaroni and cheese

This isn't nice, but one of the only filling options.


9. Chipper chips after a night out

So unsatisfying.....

10. Undercooked mushroom risotto

Why is it always undercooked.....


11. Cheese and onion crisps while everyone else gets Bacon Fries

It never tastes as good.


12. A garden salad


How is this supposed to fill up anyone??

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13. Burnt Quorn sausages

Quorn + BBQ = pain




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