Selling Sunset's Chrishell Has Spilled Some Show Secrets On Instagram

Selling Sunset's Chrishell Has Spilled Some Show Secrets On Instagram

If you're like us, lockdown has been a constant cycle of searching for new shows to bing, rinsing and repeating every so often. Thankfully, Netflix released season three of Selling Sunset last week, and those eight episodes were juicy.

The show follows the trials and tribulations of estate agents who sell homes in the Hollywood hills to the rich and famous. However, as with all good reality TV shows, the private lives of the realtors are the put on show for all to marvel at.

In season three, Chrishell Stause was the fulcrum of the show's narrative towards the end of the season. Her husband, actor Justin Hartley, filed for divorce seemingly out of the blue, leaving Chrishell to pick up the pieces of a two-year matrimony on her own.

Although you would anticipate all of her co-workers to rush to her side, antagonisers Christine and Davina weren't as forthcoming with their support.

In a Q&A on her Instagram, Chrishell addressed some burning questions from Selling Sunset fans, from whether the show is scripted to how anyone can tell Oppenheim Group owners Brett and Jason apart.

On comments made by Christine and Davina, Chrishell noted that "when people hit below the belt it makes it really hard to recover from.


"You don't need to like each other to be able to work together successfully. We haven't mastered this yet — we are a work in progress."

As for the show's scripting, Chrishell referenced her own divorce as something that would have occurred regardless of the show taking place.

"The show isn't scripted. If it was, I would be pissed! Who wrote that plot twist?!

"But seriously, they can sometimes nudge us to address things but what we say is all us. Beware anyone that says otherwise. Gotta own it."

As for telling Brett and Jason apart, Chrishell admits that it's difficult to tell the identical twins apart, but working with them for years has helped.

"It took me a while but now it's so easy for me!

"In the beginning I would wait till someone called them by their name and then I would say in my head - BRETT is in a blue shirt etc. Their voices are also different."

Chrishell, like all of us, is waiting for season four to begin production.

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