Stop The Lights: EA Has Confirmed The Sims Is Coming To iPhone And Android

Stop The Lights: EA Has Confirmed The Sims Is Coming To iPhone And Android

If you didn't spend hours of your childhood trapping your Sims in pools with no ladders or in a kitchen with an open flame, did you really live? Prepare for the memories to come flooding back because EA just announced The Sims Mobile is coming to iPhone and Android. This is like Pokemon Go but for cool people!

According to EA's website, the theme of the new mobile game is to shape your Sims' legacy, which is a completely different strategy to years ago when you wanted to murder everyone in your Sims family.

When your Sims accomplish their career goals and retire, you'll be rewarded with Heirlooms to unlock hobbies and careers for future generations, allowing new Sims to tell deeper stories. Ooooh. Shit is real.

At this stage there's no release date for The Sims Mobile but we have our fingers crossed it's very soon, but not too soon because, summer. It'd honestly be perfect for Christmas when you're with your real family.

People on Twitter are already getting excited:


Watch the soft launch trailer below:

Are you excited?


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