Men Are Using Snapchat Gender Swap Filter On Tinder As A Social Experiment

Men Are Using Snapchat Gender Swap Filter On Tinder As A Social Experiment

If you haven't tried the Snapchat gender swap filter, then try it this minute. It's a hilarious way to find out what you would look like as a member of the opposite sex. Men have started using the Snapchat filter as a social experiment to see what it is like to experience Tinder as a woman, in other words, catfishing.

Men were overwhelmed with the number of matches and messages they received when posing as a woman on Tinder. Speaking to Buzzfeed, one American man said that within 20 minutes of uploading his female Snapchat selfie, he received more than 100 right swipes from men. Another Twitter user used the filter and was offered to travel around America with a male suitor.


The conclusion of this 'social experiment', is the differences men and women have when it comes to Tinder etiquette. Generally speaking, men will passively swipe right and hope for the best. Women are generally more selective.

It does pose the question, however, how have so many men fallen for it? It's time there was all-out ban on 'filterfishing', using a deceptive Snapchat filter as a profile image.

Not all men have been using the gender swap feature on Tinder, one clever individual used the filter to fake a new girlfriend to his mother.

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