'Sorry, Will Be Late. Traffic Mental' Says Every Irish Person This Morning

'Sorry, Will Be Late. Traffic Mental' Says Every Irish Person This Morning

In an entirely unsurprising turn of events, approximately two million Irish people have told bosses they're running at least half an hour late because of the 'bloody traffic' this morning as the country ground to a halt because of a bit of rain.

Ironically these bosses read said messages while stranded at a roundabout in Kimmage, also caught up in the mayhem.

You'd think, as a country, the one type of weather we would be equipped for is rain but evidently not. In fact, it may have been a wiser move for everyone to just stay at home altogether or at the very least, cyclists should have been forced to maintain their normal mode of transport rather than clogging up roads and public transport for the poor sods who normally avail of these services.

A no.16 bus was stopped in Drumcondra for 15 minutes as one commuter tried to make their way off the bus from the back of the vehicle. 10 passengers were accidentally stabbed by his umbrella, although he was completely unaware of the serious damage he was causing because that would have required some form of communication and who the fuck actually talks on Dublin Bus!?


Anyhow, most workers made it to their respective offices some time before 10, making sure to mutter curses and shake their head gravely to make sure colleagues who arrived on time were aware of the trauma suffered.

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Mark Farrelly

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