This Fact About The Teletubbies Will Shake You To Your Core

This Fact About The Teletubbies Will Shake You To Your Core

We all remember the Teletubbies, those slightly terrifying colourful aliens that frolicked on a paddock and praised a baby sun. Well your memories are about to get shook by a new piece of information that will change how you look, think and feel about Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po: the Teletubbies heights are not as they appear on the TV.

Oh no, friends. According to a 2001 news article that was dug up and posted to Tumblr this week, the Teletubbies are actually giants and range in height from 6ft 6in (Po) to -shudders- 10ft (Tinky Winky).

If you cried at this information, you're not alone. Twitter is feeling your pain:



Good luck sleeping tonight.

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