The 10 Ways You Are Actually Milhouse

Most of us know and love the Simpsons, each character has a unique place in our heart. But what of those outside the family? What about the honorary Simpsons, Milhouse Van Houten. From the beginning, Bart and Milhouse were inseparable and, even as the series becomes less *cough* watchable, they will always be best friends. We all want to be Bart but, let's face it, we are Milhouse - here are the reasons why.

10) You're The Sidekick In Your Own Life

If you're anything like me, you're bound to have at least one friend that is cooler/smarter/funnier/better looking, For all of these people, you are the Milhouse to their Bart. But even the Bart in your life might be the Milhouse in their own, and isn't that sad.

9) You Can't Flirt


A shift of the eyebrow, a tearful session of begging, grasping their pants as they try to leave - yeah, flirting isn't exactly your forte. "Do... um, did you, uh, fall from heaven? It's... are you an angel? Um, I'm sorry... I just like your face."

8) You Can't Handle Being Alone

When you can't see your best friend, or can't even talk to them, it's the worst experience ever. Who else can listen to you about this horrible time in your life? Definitely not Martin Prince, he's probably studying.


7) You'll Do Anything For Your Crush

Your crush always wants aspects of you and your personality in their prospective partner. Dammit Lisa, can't you see the Milhouse love right in front of you? *creys*

6) You're Always Trying To Improve Yourself


You hope to some day be an emotionally crippled, steroid-ridden mega hunk. Nah, not really, but you're up for improving yourself. You imagine that in the future you will be everything you've dreamed about.

5) Sometimes You Lose The Plot

You're usually a pretty happy-go-lucky person in your day-to-day life. However, that can all change. If one more person annoys you, and you're already on the brink, you can flip your shit. Watch out when Milhouse gets angry... You wouldn't like him when he's angry.


4) You're Gullible

You tend to believe what your trusted friend/family member tells you, even if it isn't at all feasible. You just hope that they wouldn't lie to you, you'll question it later when you've had time to have a bit of a think.

3) You Get Yourself Into Awkward Situations


You put your foot in your mouth, usually daily, if not, you'll trip yourself up or just push someone to the brink of knocking your teeth out. Don't provoke Nelson, it's not worth it.

2) Nobody Likes You

That may not be entirely accurate because you're pretty awesome, but it does feel like that on occasion. Anyone who doesn't like you is wrong, so that's okay.

1) But Despite Everything, You're An Eternal Optimist

So, congratulations, you're pretty darn cool. Bonus, Bart can't live without you. You do you, Milhouse!


Emma Hyland

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