Controversial TD Won Ireland Over After Appearing On The Tommy Tiernan Show Last Night

Controversial TD Won Ireland Over After Appearing On The Tommy Tiernan Show Last Night

When RTÉ originally handed over its improvised Wednesday night chat show slot to a man that is known for his tongue in cheek and unrehearsed humour there was a ripple of uncertainty about the possibilities of it all going terribly wrong. Last night Tiernan proved his critics wrong.

In an episode that's being described as one of the best in Irish chat show history, Tiernan's hour-long show dealt with mental health, suicide, and sexual impotency. Twitter felt that the shows biggest strength was not its guests but how Tommy turned everyday taboo topics into an ordinary conversation:

Michael Healy Rae was one guest who turned the tide in his favour. Healy Rae is part of a political dynasty in Kerry who is known for campaigning to reintroduce drink driving, which Tiernan took no time in hilariously ripping apart. The audience was mesmerised by his sheer honesty and the revelation he was "delighted" when a TD died cause it meant another spot for him and his family:


Rae shared a moving story about one of his constituents who had died by suicide and blamed the advice he'd given the man as the reason for his death. Mental health became an overarching theme on the night as writer and actor Michael Harding shared his own struggles with mental illness.


Not only was mental health a massive focus of the episode, erectile dysfunction is another taboo topic that traditionally slips under the radar but sexologist Emily Power Smith gave the facts and Tiernan could personally relate:

If you haven't seen last nights episode, head over to the RTÉ player. You won't regret it.

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