There's A Free Espresso Martini Festival Coming To Cork Next Month

There's A Free Espresso Martini Festival Coming To Cork Next Month

What is the most niche themed-festival which you have ever attended? Perhaps you frequent a festival dedicated entirely to celebrating the ouevre of former Ready, Steady, Cook! presenter Ainsley Harriott; perhaps you once accidentally purchased tickets to a weekends festivities focusing entirely on honouring barn owls, who knows. Personally, I would consider the weekend spent at a Billy Roll festival as holding this accolade for me. I can without hesitation say that purchasing tickets for Billy Rollathon 2k17 was one of the worst decision of my life and will almost certainly be one of the regrets that haunt me whenever I am lying on my deathbed. From the Billy Roll-themed rollercoaster; to the catering which was - as was evinced by the scurvy outbreak that swept the camp - overly one-dimensional in its emphasis of processed ham, and the accommodation - tents constructed entirely out of slices of Billy Roll, adhered together, it was a disaster all round.

However, should you have little experience with very, very overly specific festivals, then have we got an opportunity for you. The Franciscan Well Brewpub in Cork are hosting a free Espresso Martini Festival on Friday 22 November - Saturday 23 November.

What could an ostensible festival themed around a fluid contain? Well, according to the promotional literature on their Eventbrite page, to the question "What to expect you say!?" They have provided the answer, "What not to expect!" which I think we can all agree, is not a sufficient answer.

Thankfully however, they do continue to provide some more concrete details about what we can expect. They have apparently teamed up with "Three Fools Coffee to produce a once off Espresso Martini menu with some cocktails paired alongside chocolates."


"Throughout the caffeine, spirit & stout focused weekend, festival goers will be able to take part in workshops & demos such as ‘How to Make an Espresso Martini’, Stout tastings & Coffee Brewing Demos," reads the event page.

Other drinks on the go will be Irish coffees, nitro coffees, hot chocolates and of course Pompeii pizza will be on hand to fight off any hunger pangs! #YUM."

So, if this appeals to you, get yourself registered for the festival here.

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Rory McNab

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