Baked Off: Hash Cakes Accidentally Served To Mourners At German Funeral

Baked Off: Hash Cakes Accidentally Served To Mourners At German Funeral

It's a situation as old as time, you're looking to help oversee the administrative side of the funeral of a close relative and you accidentally poison attendant mourners by serving them hash cake. It's a situation that I think it's safe to say happens more often than it doesn't. Personallyl I can barely recall the last funeral I attended that wasn't spent in a haze of chemically induced delirium having sampled some of the catering spread supplied.

Well, it's a situation that mourners at a funeral in Eastern Germany found themselves in during a funeral this August. Police report that mourners at the funeral were accidentally served hash cake after a mix-up at the restaurant following the burial. Rostock police said, following an investigation, that a restaurant employee who'd been in charge of the cakes had asked her 18-year-old daughter to bake them. However, the employee took the wrong cake from her freezer, accidentally bringing a hash cake that her daughter had baked for a separate occasion.

The mix-up led to some 13 people in the funeral party needing medical treatment after experiencing symptoms of nausea and dizziness. The police confirmed that the 18-year-old who baked the hash cake was under investigation.


H/T: The Guardian

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