Forget Love Island, Because There's No Place Like Tyrone

Forget Love Island, Because There's No Place Like Tyrone

Do we all remember Tallafornia? That was Ireland's first dip into the "constructed reality" genre and wasn't it iconic. Who can forget lines like "It's only five eggs per bloke per day!" or "You're 19 shut your face!". The contrived drama definitely fell under the "so bad its good" heading but it has cult status at this stage. If you fancy a recap, these lads do a very funny one.

Did you ever think, "this is good, but what we really need is a version of this with a crowd of culchies from the north"? Well if you did, I have some great news. A new reality show called There's No Place Like Tyrone debuted on BBCNI this week. Episode one aired on Saturday, and we were introduced to the eclectic mix of characters.

The weirdly stilted conversations are part and parcel of this show. The people on the show had not actually met prior to filming, so it's all a bit awkward. Then when you add in the fact that they are in a lingerie shop; it's all a bit cringe. The scenarios are just odd, like look at this thing with the balloons



Reactions online have been quite mixed, to say the least.



If you want to find out how Bobby and all the rest get on, There's No Place Like Tyrone continues on Monday on BBCNI.

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Joe O'Gorman

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