Things Father Ted Has Taught Us About Life

Father Ted is an oldie but a goodie - Here's some of the top things we can learn from our beloved Father Ted..

1) Sometimes you have to do the impossible... and kick Bishop Brennan up the arse

2) And expect the unexpected..

3) Flirt you little heart out no matter what


4) Say no to drugs..

5) And yes to puppies

6) Dance like nobody is watching


7) Try not to get caught

8) Take Pride in you looks

9) And you achievements ..


10) Sometimes you can't help who or what you love..

11) Eggs are feckin' great

12) So is tea


And you should never say no to tea..

13) Racism is bad.

14) Protest for what you believe in


15) Sometimes there's no denying what you are..

16) Ryan Tubridy shouldn't be on the late late show..

17) Ireland's Eurovision days are over


Therese Walsh
Article written by
Therese Walsh is a recent graduate of University College Dublin with the entirely employable degree of English and music. She enjoys the facts on the inside of snapple caps and writing mini biographies.

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