Here's How You Can Apply To Appear In The Young Offenders Season 2

Here's How You Can Apply To Appear In The Young Offenders Season 2

The first season of The Young Offenders television series was a massive success. Co-produced by the BBC with RTÉ, it carried on the acclaim that was lavished on the 2016 eponymous film that debuted the two beloved characters Conor and Jock.

Well, if you were a fan of The Young Offenders, but found yourself while watching it, thinking "This is all well and good, I admire everything they've done here, but I think what would really take it to the next level, as a production, was if I were to be in it," then we've got news for you. This exact dream scenario of yours has been made possible by the fact that RTÉ have announced an open application process for casting for the second season of the show.

The casting page is located here, on the Young Offenders website. To apply you need simply provide some basic information about yourself, cite any previous acting experience as well as upload a few videos of yourself. You need to upload an introduction video whereby you talk about yourself for a minimum of five minutes as well as provide footage of a demo scene of at least two minutes long which can either be rehearsed or improvised.

Presumably to limit the number of videos they are inundated with featuring people doing frankly heinous Cork accents they request that your demo scene should be performed in your own accent as they are not exclusively casting characters from Cork.

So there you have it, should you want to put yourself out there to see if the producers of The Young Offenders will deem you suitable to appear on the show, then such are the tasks you must complete.

If you feel you make a better impression in person, then you're in luck, they are also holding open auditions.


Open auditions take place tomorrow 24th April at The Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain Street, Cork City.

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