Tickets For Electric Picnic 2019 Are Now On Sale

Tickets For Electric Picnic 2019 Are Now On Sale

Well with the dust still settling on this year's Electric Picnic, and thousands of abandoned camping chairs; the remnants of tattered tents, and various other assorted mounds of rubbish still being bulldozed into landfill, it seems rather premature to be looking ahead to next year already. But slap me 'bout the chops and call me Nigel if that isn't what the organisers of EP are already doing.

Early bird tickets are now on sale for €205 and they're continuing with their discount policy for loyal festival attendees. If you've been to the festival once or twice before you will be eligible to receive a discount code, once you've proved your attendance  - we're assuming through the use of some kind of purchase code rather than just sending them a load of grubby photos of you dancing in a rainy field - that will entitle you to purchase a ticket for €185, and if you've been three or more times that will drop to €165.


The tickets went on sale at 9am this morning and can be purchased through Ticketmaster. To avail of the discounted rates for loyal attendees, follow the instructions on their website here.

Given that there are probably men with novelty, over-sized butterfly nets still scouring the grounds looking to round up the last few members of The Prodigy who are still deliriously roaming about, the final remnants of whatever narcotics they'd imbibed, slowly ebbing from their system - it is far too soon to be talking of what acts will be performing next year. The first acts of EP 2019's lineup will be announced sometime around March, so set your alarms so you can see if you're blind purchasing of a ticket was worth it.

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Rory McNab

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