Tonight's Graham Norton Show Line-Up Is Unbelievable

Tonight's Graham Norton Show Line-Up Is Unbelievable

Do you believe in life after love? Well, you will after tonight's Graham Norton Show.

The hilarious host will be sitting down with none other than pop sensation and Oscar winner Cher - yes, it's Cher bitch! The icon will be discussing her new role in Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again, starring alongside Christina Baranksi, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Amanda Seyfried.

In one clip Cher is heard throwing some light shade at Graham's age which does not go unnoticed by the audience:

The 'Believe' singer will be joined by a bunch of Pride icons including Baranski, Natalie Dormer, Marjorie from Game Of Thrones to you and me, Rupert Everett, the classiest man in show business, and singer Tom Odell.


Rupert will be chatting about his latest role as Oscar Wilde in The Happy Prince and Natalie will be giving a behind the scenes glance into her new movie In Darkness.

The Graham Norton Show kicks off at 10.45 pm on BBC One.

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